• 25 years of excellent new product development

    (PED) 25 years of excellent new product development

  • PED Founder, Jim Montagnino, was recognized on the Reuters screen in Time Square

    Production Engineered Designs (PED) founder, James G. Montagnino, is Recognized in Times Square – Media / Press Releases

  • Clients we have serviced new product development needs

    Production Engineered Designs (PED) is proud to have developed new products for these great companies

  • High tech military and space product development - the hexagon spy satellite

    Declassified US Spy Satellites Reveal Rare Look at Secret Cold War Space Program

  • We helped develop the first electronic video recording system machine

    First Electronic Video Recording System (EVR) develop @ CBS Laboratories 1967-1969

  • Designers of the weight coaching scale

    Diet Weight Coaching Scale with goal steps/reward recognition developed using Jenny Craig System

  • We develop health and beauty products

    First automatic temperature feedback curling iron system

  • Our sharper image presonal cooling device

    Evaporative cool mist neck cooler developed for The Sharper Image

  • Developed by PED, convection steam oven

    First consumer Convection Steam Oven (bowl type for American Harvest & cabinet type for Salton)

PED Specializes in New Product Development

Production Engineered Designs

Our Experience and Connections: Your Shortcut to Successful
New Product Development

We specialize in new product development that is supported by an extensive number of professional affiliations and national recognition where the founder has received honors, patents and more. Production Engineered Designs (PED) was created 25 years ago and utilizes its extensive technological background and experience of the founder, using the vast spectrum of clients we have serviced, and the teachings of three world renown mentors.

Our building blocks are built around the founder innovations/ideation’s of 50 plus years that have resulted in 140 patents globally and over 2,000 products in various industries and technologies. Our strategy is to challenge Engineering, Marketing, Industrial Designers, Tool Makers, Fabricators, Factories (Asian, European, the Americas & Domestic) to not tell us what they cannot do, but what they can do.

Who We Work With:

Past clients for new product development

Read details about work and experience with Our Clients here

About Production Engineered Designs

History (excepted from history page)

PED Office in El Paso, TXIn June of 1992 Production Engineered Designs was incorporated as an S-corp in the state of Texas headquartered in El Paso, Texas and opened his first office:

Originally PED was a full service Product Development company with a staff of design engineers, industrial designer and compliance engineering services (UL/CSA), staff mainly composed of local engineers he had trained/developed at Helen of Troy. in addition PED opened a Hong Kong office with 2 Hong Kong engineers and a partner group that manufactured electronic sub-assemblies. … read more about our history

Expertise & Strengths

PED’s founder has been a strategic thinker and planner, skilled in the design and execution of effective engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and business programs. Jim’s career has given him the opportunity to work in international business relations & OEM sourcing/new product development using European & Asian partners since 1979, inclusive of being a retained consultant to Asian … continue reading about our expertise & strengths


During his career our founder was given the rare opportunity work under the direction and to be inspired by three world renowned mentors, Wernher von Braun (a German aerospace engineer and space architect credited with inventing the V-2 rocket for Nazi Germany and the Saturn V for the USA), Peter Goldmark (a German-Hungarian engineer who, during his time with Columbia Records, was instrumental in developing the long-playing microgroove 33-1/3 rpm phonograph disc) and Dennis Gabor (a Hungarian-British electrical engineer and physicist, most notable for inventing holography, for which he later received the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics).

New Product Development


Backed by 140 patents, Production Engineered Designs has over 50 years of successful and creative new product development experience in a variety of industries. View a detailed list with links to patents that we have received.

Product Development Strategy

Everything is possible and the only limits we have are imposed by our fear of failure. – Jim Montagnino

Read more about our product development strategy

Innovative User Ergonomics

We have an intense passion to design products that are user intuitive out of the box. Products that provide solutions to everyday problems and a tangible easy to visualize benefit.

Read more about innovative user ergonomics..

Technology Transfer Benefits

PED’s founder technology background covers Consumer Products, Business Machines, Scientific Instruments, Aero Space & Tool/Machine allowing him to innovate using a broad spectrum of disciplines and technologies from his vast experience and accomplishments.

Read more about technology transfer..

Project Management Experts

The founders vast & diverse experience in Engineering, Marketing, Industrial Design & Operations, extensive leadership experience in business development, product innovation, Asian sourcing/procurement, strategic planning and project management skills covering a broad spectrum of various industries provides guidance to clients in the most effective manner for their business.

Read more about project management..

Supplier Controls Experience

PED’s founder has 50 plus years of OEM/ODM supplier interface support and control strategy using domestic and foreign suppliers (Asian supplier experience dating back to 1979).

Read more about supplier controls..

Product Portfolio

Production Engineered Designs has been directly involved with new product development in many different industries. To see some of the products that we have helped develop please view the slideshows on each of the industry pages linked to below…

PED stands ready to assist your New Product Development, Innovation, Strategic Planning, Technology Transfer, Supplier Support or Team Building efforts with our successful track record of new product development, product innovation with user friendly/cost effective products in multiple product development categories since our incorporation 25 years ago, using the 50 plus years of the founders experience underscored by 140 issued patents in new products development. Give us a call at (630) 513-1522 or send us an email from our contact form.

we specialize in innovation for mass production