OEM Suppliers / ODM

OEM Suppliers / ODM Suppliers

  • OEM refers to a company or a firm that is responsible for designing and building a product according to its own specifications, and then selling the product to another company (client), which is responsible for its distribution. The one company produces products on behalf of another
    company, after which the purchasing company markets the product under its own brand name -or- a private label brand the purchasing company sells to.
  • ODM company or firm, in contrast, is responsible for designing and building a product in accordance with the design and specifications of
    the client or another company.

Since 1979 PED’s founder has been working with both Asian & European OEM suppliers & ODM suppliers to manage and lead program development while also implementing operational standards for design development and related quality control processes, inclusive of test procedures.

Production Engineered Designs (PED) are experts in new product development with the experience, connections, and tools needed to bring new products to market expediently with quality, reliability, and safety in design.