Supplier Controls

Manufacturing & Supplier Controls

The manufacturing process & supplier controls are similar but different in the method in which control/quality are managed. The four key categories are defined as follows:

1. Company Owned Manufacture

Consulting service providers typically do not change or advise process changes in clients manufacturing operations unless specifically requested to advise process evaluation or assist in adding new capabilities. Products designed for internal manufacture do require consultation with the company’s manufacturing management to understand both the capabilities or limitations of in house manufacturing to adjust the product design to match the internal resources or determine what portion of the design may require outsourcing.

Companies that are in the process of developing their own manufacture may require consulting services to write/develop process guidelines. PED’s founder developed engineering departments, design & drafting departments, engineering labs and model shops for companies in their initial growth years such as Savin/Conrac merger (copiers), Practical Automation (printers), Clairol Appliances (personal care), Helen of Troy (personal care) as well as implementing standards, PPS/QSI systems for mature companies such Sunbeam’s HealthOmeter (scales) & Health @ Home Divisions, Tanita USA
Division of Tanita Japan (scales) & Bestmed LLC (private label personal care & wellness monitoring).

2. OEM/ODM Suppliers

Since 1979 PED’s founder has been working with both Asian & European OEM & ODM suppliers to manage and lead program development while also
implementing operational standards for design development and related quality control processes, inclusive of test procedures. Read more about OEM suppliers/ODM suppliers

3. Product Specifications

  • PPS (Product Performance Specification)
    Document that describes and outlines all the performance requirements, components, approval agency requirements, life expectancy, materials, packaging, product reliability requirements, quality audits, safety & packaging. Read more about Product Specifications

4. Onsite Support (OEM/ODM)

PED has 37 years of experience working on site with numerous Asian suppliers for project kick-off meetings, first prototype reviews, first off tool
review, initial production line run. Read more about our Onsite Support (OEM/ODM)

Production Engineered Designs (PED) are experts in new product development with the experience, connections, and tools needed to bring new products to market expediently with quality, reliability, and safety in design.