New Product Development

PED helps you define your tangible and perceived user benefits to market your product.

New Product Development Process: Our thoughts on strategic planning, product opportunities, and line extensions.

Innovative User Ergonomics: Expand new products through innovative demonstrable user friendly/cost effective features.

Technology Transfer: Product differentiation with innovation through the linking of alternative technologies and materials to add features performance & consumer benefits.

Industrial Design Management: Provide the technical/marketing interface for outside industrial design firms to ensure product goals are achieved within realistic time frames, cost constraints, product target costs, manufacturing limitations and engineering performance goals.

Team Building: Design interactive team approaches with Marketing & Engineering staff that allow common goals to be set and achieved, while moving products from concept to retailers shelves in record time.

Program Management/Reduced Product Development Cycles: Developing program timelines with decision tollgates, responsible group deliverables by date, inclusive of all decision processes from project initiation through production release.

Structuring and revitalizing engineering/new product development teams to work in conjunction with their manufacturing, marketing & sales partners.

Product Specifications: Development of product Specifications of Performance” (PSP) to ensure that the product development and manufacturing sources achieve all functional, construction, safety, quality, cosmetic, packaging and approval agency requirements for clients products.

Onsite Support: Travel to supplier sites to work with factory engineers, designers, toolmakers, QA staff & manufacturing engineers to accelerate design process, debug start-up and/or trouble shoot production problems (specializing in Asian suppliers).

Developing and leading qualified Asian engineering/manufacturing teams to produce client’s products with the best quality and pricing.

Production Engineered Designs (PED) are experts in new product development with the experience, connections, and tools needed to bring new products to market expediently with quality, reliability, and safety in design.