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In 1992 after spending six years as Helen of Troy’s Vice President –Product Development and Engineering, his employment contract ended leading to a cross road decision. With 2 daughters in college, one about to be married, he decided that it was time to stop moving the family around to follow the next corporate offer, but instead open his own business. In June of 1992 Production Engineered Designs was incorporated as an S-corp in the state of Texas headquartered in El Paso, Texas and opened his first office:


Originally PED was a full service Product Development company with a staff of design engineers, industrial designer and compliance engineering services (UL/CSA), staff mainly composed of local engineers he had trained/developed at Helen of Troy. in addition PED opened a Hong Kong office with 2 Hong Kong engineers and a partner group that manufactured electronic sub-assemblies. Initially most clients were US based companies that lacked engineering staff and retained PED’s services to develop their new products. The business model transitioned over the years to PED’s customers wanting lower cost services and more use of the Asian PED partners. In addition Jim’s role became increasingly more in demand as the ideation service to these companies supported by a net work of PED Asian factory partners. In 1999 PED closed it’s operations in El Paso and assumed retainer services for companies to act as their VP of new Product development relocating to the suburbs of Chicago, IL which is where the business still resides today. PED in cooperation with Asian partner factories supplied private label products to CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid & 180 Innovations(BESTMED) . PED developed branded products under retainer for Crane USA – Wachsmuth & Krogmann LTD , The Sharper Image, Oralgiene, Waterloo Industries, American Harvest, Kaz/Vicks, Conair, Sunbeam (HealtOmeter, Health @ Home & Pelouze), Tanita, Singer, NCI Technologies as well as multiple Hong Kong/China suppliers.

Production Engineered Designs (PED) are experts in new product development with the experience, connections, and tools needed to bring new products to market expediently with quality, reliability, and safety in design.