Production Engineered Designs(PED) is a product development consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. Led by our founder Jim Montagnino, our teams have been responsible for innovating many recognizable consumer products on the market today. Our mission is to create inexpensive manufactured goods using innovative engineering and design combined with utilization of our strategic and reliable global sourcing connections.

PED also functions as an extension of your Development Engineering & Marketing team:

  • New ideas to solve old problems
  • Tangible & perceived consumer benefits/product features
  • Evaluation of existing product lines directed at the next generation product
  • Product ideas that complement & expands your existing product line
  • Next generation product concepts & technologies

How Can PED Help You?

  • Reduce your time to market
  • Decrease development costs by minimizing staff through the use of Asian partners
  • Identifying product opportunities
  • Assist your marketing team in the creation of a technology/product roadmap
  • Offer Marketing “Out of the Box” ideation



Production Engineered Designs (PED) are experts in new product development with the experience, connections, and tools needed to bring new products to market expediently with quality, reliability, and safety in design.