Innovation – Failure or Success – may all be in the approach

Innovation – Failure or Success – may all be in the approach


Creativity flourishes when personal recognition is part of the corporate culture. In 50 plus years, I have always been impressed with the level of motivation promoted when management is not afraid to verbally compliment a team member in front of co-workers. Too many times corporate or HR feels that a raise alone is the motivation -or- a good performance review 6 months later- after the fact. Recognition at the moment is a great motivator and a reward people desire (personal recognition). If management only praises team effort for “typical political correctness”, it stifles individuals from generating out of the box creativity. In years past 1960’s/1970’s (space race era) engineers and designers worked in open bull pen departments, could see what their peers were doing and had dialog with each other being able to view co-workers designs in process. Since the creation of safe space (the cubicle, the individual office) peer exchange has decreased. Great designs in many cases are through shared contribution, open exchange, open critique. I am always amazed that people will email each other when sitting next to the recipient rather than lean over a wall or walk 5 feet to discuss, that they hide behind a monitor and turn it off when a co-worker stops by.

Just maybe the old open environment promoted the real team effort.

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